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Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD

It is a psychiatric condition in which a person is having a thought disorder. It affects how he thinks about himself or others including his near and dear ones. This may affect his day to day life. A patient has self-image issues, emotional dysbalance, difficulty in dealing with routine stressful conditions.

A patient may have mood swings, very irrational anger sometimes, emotionally friable, fear of abandonment.

Patient may have unstable rationalship like sometimes liking someone very much and at other times hating him due to one or more reasons.

Rapid or frequent changes in self-identity. Like super confident sometimes and other times believing that he is useless.

A very important feature of BPD, usually noticed in many patients is stress-induced PARANOIA, which is unable to cope with stressful situations and become or behave like paranoid (a psychotic condition). This may last for few minutes to few hours.

It is also very commonly noticed that such patients have very impulsive and risky attitude. They involve in gambling, DRUG ADDICTION, frequent quarrels, unprotected sex, antisocial activities and criminal activities.

Suicidal thoughts are also not uncommon in these in fear of separation or rejection by lover or family. High degree of mood swings is also noticed.

Intense, without any reason anger, frequently losing control on temper, sarcastic, abusing or misbehave is common in such individuals.


1. Genetic factors.

2. Changes in brain structure which regulate emotions or some chemical changes in the brain.

Effects or complications of BPD are:

  1. Stressful relations.
  2. Frequent loss or change of job.
  3. Poor financial management.
  4. Indulge in DRUG ADDICTION.
  5. Poor social and family relations.
  6. Antisocial activities.
  7. Fighting or quarrels.
  8. Self harm like suicidal attempts and frequent hospitalisation, road traffic accidents.
  9. Sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies.
  10. Fall in many other psychiatric illnesses like depression, drug addiction, anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Treatment: Treatment of BPD and other related complications is possible with modern medicines and psychological counselling.

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