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Dhat (whitish/semen like in urine)

DHAT SECRETION IN URINE: Whitish or yellowish semen or water like secretions are seen in urine during defecation, urination or other time. This complaint has been seen in many boys or men.

Various causes of this problems are:


RETROGRADE EJACULATION:In this semen goes backwards into the urinary bladder in spite of coming out through penile opening. The cause of retrograde ejaculation can be due to diabetics, use of some psychiatric drugs & pelvic injuries and surgeries. Underlying cause should be treated.  Once diagnosis is made treatment can be possible.

  • Pyuria
  • Crystalluria
  • Cowper’s gland over activity / or infections
  • Candidal balanitis
  • Venereophobia
  • Leucocytouria
  • Prostatitis
  • Non gonococcal urethritis
  • Idiopathic

Proper and accurate diagnosis of cause is the first step in treatment of Dhat like secretions . For finding the proper cause, we take complete history of patient, thorough sex counseling and general physical examination. Then we go for relevant investigations, most of which can be done at our center. So you can consult & at same time you may get all test done also at common place.

Onset: Sudden or gradual (slow onset), Response to previous treatment, low Libido, Stress (physical or mental), History of precipitation by some general infection or unprotected sexual intercourse (STD), Secondary Sexual Characteristics.

We examine whether Sexual Development of patient  is adequate or abnormal/subnormal. Size of testis  is measured by orchidometer (if patient is out of city then by ultrasound of testis). Then other systems are examined. Symptoms and signs of urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted diseases or any other local infection are examined.

We have all the facility for complete investigation of cause of Dhat problem . We perform following tests, step by step depending on their need based on history & examination. The various diagnostic tests performed are as :  Biochemistry tests, phosphorus, Ultrasonography of testis prostate, bladder and penis. Culture Sensitivity for infections,  any other relevant tests.

After diagnosis of  the cause of Dhat like secretions we advice proper medications depends on accurate diagnosis of cause. We don’t advice empirical treatment, it often does not achieves permanent cure. There are some sex tonics & ayurvedic medicines which can improve your  Dhat like secretions/symptoms temporarily but they cannot give permanent cure. So get yourself fully investigated before starting treatment.

After finding the cause of Dhat like secretions by above tests it is cured in most patients by two months treatment.

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