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2021-01-06 13:14:46

Covid 19 has bought many new words (like lockdown, social distancing, N95 masks, sanitiser etc.), f ...


2020-12-30 10:00:16

Corona, since its first few reported cases in Wuhan, China has affected many parts of the world. Co ...


2020-12-28 12:58:02

As evident from the title itself, chronic alcoholism is not just a habit but a psychological issue. ...


2020-12-22 10:30:00

It is very well evident that the ongoing corona period is very distressful and disappointing for bi ...


2020-12-19 06:15:41

Battery of reasearches shows there is strong correlation between certain mental health illnessess a ...


Other Sex Related Queries/Problems

1) Night Falls Or Semen Discharge During Sleep

2) Semen passing in urine: The various causes of passing semen in urine treated here.
3) Swelling on penis after sex or masturbation: The various causes of swelling on penis is  managed
4) Burning in urine after sex: The various causes of burning in urine after sex are managed.
5) Ulcer on penis
6) Difficulty in pulling the foreskin over the glans when penis is full tight: Medical or surgical treatment available here, depending on patients problem
7) Phimosis and paraphimosis: Difficulty in pulling the foreskin over the glans when penis is full tight is called Phimosis.

When foreskin is pulled back but it is unable to go to it original position is called paraphimosis. This sometimes produces a kind of constriction band over the glans penis leading to a kind of pressure band around glance. This results in swelling of the glans penis. Various causes of Phimosis & paraphimosis are treated on our center

8) Pain in penis during or after sex
9) Pain in testicles
10) Prominent blue veins on penis
11)Abnormal shape of penis: Proper treatment of abnormality
12)Hidden penis, Lifeless dead and soft penis, Shrunken Penis
14)Loosely hanging scrotum
15)Thin semen, yellow semen
16)Pain in testis and scrotum
17)Oral sex (Cunnilingus & Annilingus)
18) Teach about normal anatomy, physiology of vulva, vagina, uterus.
19) Detailed discussion  about frequency of intercourse & orgasm in female.
20) Teach about sex therapy and about various postures & techniques of intercourse

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