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As evident from the title itself, chronic alcoholism is not just a habit but a psychological issue. ...


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Sexual Dysfunction With Alcohol Dependence

Initially alcohol increases sexual desire but later on with regular and long term/chronic use of alcohol inhibits almost every step of sexual cycle ranging from decreased sex desire to orgasm. Some men describe the dis-inhibiting qualities of alcohol and they feel more sexual under the influence of alcohol/drugs, they feel more willing and have a strong desire for sex. In lesser amounts alcohol may help to overcome anxiety, fear or inhibitions about sexual performance and sexuality but in long run the effects are just opposite. Chronic and heavy use of alcohol not only has negative effects on the person who is consuming it but also have effects on the partner of alcoholic.

Almost 70-75 % of the males with alcohol addiction complained of one or other problems with sexual

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dysfunction. It has also been observed that multiple sexual dysfunction co-exist in alcoholics. The most common dysfunction reported is premature ejaculation, low libido (low sexual desire) and erectile dysfunction (Impotence).

The chance of encountering sexual dysfunctions increase with increasing the amount of alcohol or in other words the number of symptoms appeared to be a function of the amount of alcohol consumed. Higher levels of alcohol intake results in neuro toxicity, vascular damage and also alter hormones secreted by testis, which are otherwise very important for normal sexual function. Heavy use of alcohol may lead to a vagal (parasympathetic, which is responsible for penile vascular dilatation) neuropathy, Penile vessels normal functioning. Many of these disorders can be reversed if person stops consuming alcohol.

Alcohol also play important role in psychogenic sexual dysfunction (that is, no organic disorder underlying). Regular or heavy use of alcohol may lead to conflicts between couples and which ultimately leads to loss of interest in play. Men often have high levels of guilt associated with inability to perform in the bedroom and from not meeting expectations or may have bad relationships with partners. Men medicate these feelings with more alcohol, which simply complexes the problems and leads to further problems. Experiences show that once the patient stops drinking, lots of such psychogenic problems are solved.

Use of alcohol also has a great impact on WOMEN sexual desires and experiences. Sometime women explains that alcohol reduce their inhibition, anxiety and fear for sex. Some women may use alcohol as a way to try and resolve the pain during

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intercourse. But when a lady continuously uses alcohol then she may become dependent on alcohol to initiate or even be involved

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in a sexual experience. Initially alcohol can help a woman to be at ease with their body, the body of others may feel relaxed and may even

enjoy a sexual experience. They may have improved confidence and well being which can mean good

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or positive sexual experiences. But when a woman become dependent on alcohol sexual desire will diminish, ability to become aroused during sexual act will be reduced and may be difficult for them to reach orgasm. Chronic alcoholics or at late stage of alcoholism may have many physiological and psychological problems that affect their normal sexual function. Menstruation cycle problems, body hormonal changes that affecting sexual desire, arousal, sexuality and other sexual functions. Some women also experience physical changes to the vagina including vaginal atrophy and ovarian atrophy. Overall women alcoholics can suffer from many dysfunctions like menstrual abnormalities, changes to sexuality, abnormal ovarian dysfunction, psychological disorders and other organ dysfunctions.

Addicts are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases.

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